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Scientists from around the world have studied seabuckthorn and have documented evidence of:

Boosting Immunity

Healthy Skin

Weight Management

Reducing Inflammation

Lowering Risk of Heart Disease

Relieving Dry Eyes

“Since planting our first organic seabuckthorn orchard in 1998, more and more people have become familiar with seabuckthorn and it's valuable nutritional properties.

It has been an incredible amount of work educating the public, managing an orchard, producing value-added products and getting them to retail and into customers' hands, but so many reasons make it worth it.

Walking into the orchard when the berries are ripe is definitely like walking into heaven! I don't want to cut any berries off the trees because they make such a breath captivating picture. (There was actually one tree I had tied a ribbon on to to indicate to my worker not to cut it. He did cut the berries off it, thinking that I had made a mistake...he hasn't heard the end of that!)

Hearing customers tell me stories of how seabuckthorn has helped them and their families warms my heart. Seeing smiles on my customers' faces, especially the glows from little ones when they enjoy my seabuckthorn products, brings pure love...and makes all the work worth it!”

— Betty Forbes

Chefs all over are getting excited about Seabuckthorn!

Here are some Canadian Eateries that may have our Seabuckthorn on their Menu Today!

Our Seabuckthorn products are used in many wonderful establishments around Canada, here are some of the places you can find our products in menu items!

North Battleford


Edmonton Convention Centre


“nvigorate Seabuckthorn berries are absolutely amazing! The flavour pop that comes from simply one berry is outstanding. It is a delicious explosion of tangy, slightly sweet flavour that improves the flavour of anything you add it to. Since adding Betty’s Seabuckthorn berries to my family's diet 1 1/2 years ago we have noticed a significant increase in energy and immunity. The common cold is no longer a regular visitor! Thanks nvigorate for continuing to grow such incredible berries!”

Trish Scott, Calgary AB

“The berries were of outstanding quality.  Every time we get a new shipment, my family devours them.  I have sent some to my sister and her family as well and they loved putting them into their smoothies.  The quality you guys produce is amazing.  Keep up the good work.”

Michael, Saskatoon, SK

“For me, seabuckthorn is a versatile ingredient!  The juice brings tartness, the colour is akin to a radiating sun crossing the horizon...I have ways to incorporate the juice, the syrup, the vinegar, and the berries into any course of food.  If I run out of my honey sweetened seabuckthorn leaves ice tea on my food truck, some customers seriously look like they are going to cry from disappointment!”

Chef Kelly Waters, The Prairie Fairy, North Battleford SK

“I thought that Betty’s seabuckthorn spread could not be beat!  It is so wonderful that my daughter in Montreal insists that every time I go there I bring some for her!  I tried getting her some local to her area, but she tells me it is no where near as good!  It was all our favorite.  But then I tried the seabuckthorn leaf tea and now it’s my favorite, so I can’t choose any more.   It is all so yummy.  Love the gelato too--so you see my dilemma.

Connie, Belle Plaine, SK

“Betty’s enthusiasm and passion for Seabuckthorn berries is legendary. Her products make it easy for chefs and home cooks alike to experience the intense yet subtle flavours of this nutritional superfood.”

“Working with Betty is a joyful experience. Her creativity and energy are boundless and her events are always a celebration of community and food.”

Chef Jenni, independent chef, cooking instructor and culinary consultant, Qu’Appelle Valley, SK

“Betty has been the poster child for Specialty Agriculture.  From a province with predominant yellow fields, her orange delicious products are such a wonderful option!  We applaud the hard work she does to promote not only her own but all specialty agriculture--yeah Betty!”


"My favorite way to use seabuckthorn berries everyday is with the Smoothie pops. These puree cubes soften quickly on the counter and blend easily into my favorite smoothies."

Chelsea, Saskatoon SK

“I love the berries and I do think they make a difference in my health. I noticed right away an increase in energy and wellbeing. It was noticeable. The berries were used in smoothies at Thrive Juice Co. In Riversdale, Saskatoon where  I used to work, but I now find them at the Wandering Market in Moose Jaw and get a big bag of them that lasts quite a long time. I set a goal to have a bowl of them everyday, I love the flavour.”

Sol Forbes, Moose Jaw SK

Betty’s Seabuckthorn berries are absolute tops. They have a full-on orange color that carries through all cooking and preserving. The berries have an almost perfect tiny golden orb shape with a funky, tart, tropical fruit flavor that make them very versatile. We sell nvigorate seabuckthorn products in our Kitchen & Tasting Room and use it on our catering menus.

Heather Bekar-Schulte, Executive Chef and Owner of Chef De Partie Catering

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