'Ostentatious Orange' Seabuckthorn Gelato on a Stick

'Ostentatious Orange' Seabuckthorn Gelato on a Stick

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'Ostentatious Orange' Seabuckthorn Gelato is a zesty frozen treat prepared using over 33% of our seabuckthorn purée. It is called orange just because of it's fabulous colour. This gelato is a healthier dessert with more fruit and less fat and decadently delicious! ... so, be brave, be adventurous, be bold.... be ostentatious... indulge in the tropical tangy flavor of seabuckthorn! Available in a tub or on a stick for your convenience.

Gelato on a stick is available for shipping, just not through normal means through Shopify.  Please contact us directly for rates at info@nvigorate.ca

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