Tea Ball full of Organic Seabuckthorn Leaves (approximately 12 servings)

Tea Ball full of Organic Seabuckthorn Leaves (approximately 12 servings)

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Research on antioxidant levels of Canadian grown seabuckthorn leaves have shown higher levels than oregano by a third, four and a half times that of hibiscus and eighteen times the level of green tea!

The leaves have been shown to be anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. In Russia, Hiporamin was developed solely from the leaves. Reasearch has shown that Hiporamin possesses unique biological properties combining antiviral activity in respect to a wide spectrum of pathogenic DNA and RNA containing viruses (Influenza A and B, Herpes, adenoviruses, HIV etc.), pathogenic micro-organisms, and at the same time exhibiting an interferon inducting property. 

The leaves also have good levels of protein and vitamin E.

Seabuckthorn grows at the base of the Himalyas and the Department of Defense in India has a program that uses leaves to not only improve the immunity of their soldiers, but reduce their stress level.

Seabuckthorn leaves are caffeine free, so great for all ages!

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