Seabuckthorn and White Chocolate Coconut Semifreddo

Recipe courtesy of Scott Torgerson ccc

Executive Chef Delta Hotels by Marriott Saskatoon Downtown


White Chocolate Coconut Semifreddo

Heavy Cream 35% 200ml

Coconut Milk 200ml

Vanilla Bean .5 pc

White Chocolate 200g

Sugar 100g

Egg Yolk Large 5 pc


Heavy Cream 35% 1L (keep separate for whipping)


Seabuckthorn Gelée

nvigorate Seabuckthorn Puree 500g

Water 1.5c

Sugar 100g

Gelatin 14 sheets


Seabuckthorn Grand Marnier Caramel

Sugar 300g

Glucose or corn syrup 60g

nvigorate Seabuckthorn Puree 100ml

Grand Marnier 30ml (cooked down by half)

Heavy Cream 250ml

Butter 80g

Gelatin 2 sheets


For the Caramel:

  • Cook Sugar and Glucose to amber. Add butter. Remove from heat. Add cream and Seabuckthorn puree. Return to stove and heat stirring until incorporated approx. 5 mins. Remove from heat, add reduced Grand Marnier, cool slightly and add gelatin.

For the Semifreddo:

  • Freeze a rectangle 4” deep metal half hotel pan lined with acetate or parchment paper.

  • Steep Heavy Cream and Vanilla Bean. Chop white chocolate, pour hot cream over top, cover with saran wrap for 5 mins. Mix smooth.

  • Whip egg yolks and cream to ribbon stage. Temper in warm white chocolate cream. Return to a pot and cook to 180F, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until thick but not boiling. Strain into a container over an ice bath, cool completely. Split equally into 2 separate bowls.

  • Whip separate 1L of cream to soft peaks. Fold ½ into one of the bowls of Anglaise mixture. Reserve the rest to fold in later to the remaining bowl.

  • Pour into prepared frozen pan and smooth flat without deflating. Allow to freeze and then pour the first layer of Seabuckthorn Gel ¼ inch thick onto the top. Allow to freeze. Fold together the remaining White Chocolate Coconut Anglaise mixture and Whipped cream, and top the gel with a second layer.

  • Repeat the process for two layers of Jellie and 3 layers of Semifreddo.

  • To serve, using a 2.5” tall x 1.25” diameter ring cutter dipped in hot water, punch out and plate the tubes. Serve with Seabuckthorn caramel and honeycomb. We garnish with stewed gooseberry and orange as well as micro mint.

For the Gelée:

  • Bloom Gelatin sheets

  • Bring all ingredients to a boil, strain, cool slightly, and add in bloomed gelatin. Strain.

  • Cool slightly before pouring carefully onto frozen Semifreddo. Be cautious not to stir up any of the mixture.



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